Press Release for Law Firms – tips and thoughts

Law Firm Press Releases – Helpful tips To Get Found On The Internet

Helpful tips To Get Discovered On The Web

In the old days firms sent a press release out to the national or local papers with announcements like new accessions to the company, cases won and other statements the press might pick up and give some favorable mention in their own publications.

They would additionally use PR to declare press conferences. That was then. Most potential law customers use the web to find an appropriate attorney within their place.

One that they could be confident in. In the end, seeking a lawyer means you have some sort of legal dilemma. Lawyer sites are very competitive. The stakes are high. That’s one reason using Google’s AdWords to advertise is extremely pricey for lawyers.

Lawyers pay from 4-40 dollars per click. It is the natural searches that counts, a fact that any web marketer knows. Should you search for an attorney in Chicago you will get millions of results. 90% or more clicks will come in the top companies. Unless you are on the initial page – your web site is just there gathering cyberdust. How does one get on the initial page? It is difficult.

There are many factors such as advertisement, keywords, a web site that is clean and filled with a great content. There are also many techniques to get these links: you can buy them at costs ranging from $5- 50/month or you also can write articles and submit them to article directories. This is one of the best ways. However, press releases is an underused method amongst lawyer businesses.

The release is not only going to be posted on their site, but also syndicated to other sites via RSS especially since most sites will soon be focused on law issues. The goal now isn’t actually to have others to read the release and write about your business – however, when they do it’s a bonus. The purpose has now become much more complex: Get Links. In order to get the most of your release I would propose aiming for a minumum of one release a month, possibly more and have a strategy in place to spread. Couple that with some real article writing and submission – your website will grow in positions – and one have found an accelerated increase in rankings as ling article feeds are preserved. Bottom line: Do anything for inbound links.

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